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Burgundy white dry

AOP Rully

🍇 Chardonnay

🍾 0.75 L13% alc.



Rully Blanc is dry white wine of Bourgogne. It has golden color with green hues, golden button more sustained with age, it excels in aromas of “hedge flowers” such as acacia, hawthorn, honeysuckle, a very fine elder or the violet, lemon, white peach or flint. Time brings honey, quince, dried fruits. On the palate, it is fruity, with a lively and round fruit, fat and long: all the freshness and polish of marble.

Rully Blanc with its beautiful fruity and ample length on the palate, the Rully pleases fine food and soft flesh: we will immediately think of a pan-fried river fish, a sea fish in white sauce or hot crustaceans. It adapts very well to cooked cheeses like the county, with which it shares the fruitiness. It will honor the beautiful poultry cream sauce, with which the discussion will be pleasant and very long. It can also be drunk as an aperitif.
Operating temperature: 12 to 14 ° C.

Title in French: Rully.
Title in Ukrainian: Руллі.
Рюйі / Рюйи Белое