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Whisky Lorraine

🍾 0.7 L46% alc.

Whisky Rozelieures Fume Collection

Whisky Rozelieures Fumé Collection is an excellent desert or in aperitive or after lunch. Sweetness, fruity, syrupy and floral notes, slight smoked flavours, lights, delicate.

The Gralet-Dupic distillery has been producing exceptional spirits since 1860 and started the whiskey adventure in 2000. Based on a unique know-how in a region rich in cereals and natural waters of high quality, their round whiskey and aromatics were awarded in the best national and international competitions.

Whisky Rozelieures Fumé Collection from France 100% Lorrain, a smoky peated whisky (malt with 20ppm of phenol) very aromatic, nice final, a woody perfectly melted with the cereals and the over-finished fruit of the Fino, a mineral strand. Delivered at 46% for connoisseurs.

Title in French: Whisky Rozelieures Fumé Collection.
Title in Ukrainian: Віскі Розельйор Фюме.
Віскі Розельйор Фюме Колексьон 0,7 / Виски Розельйон Фюме Колексьйон

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