Merlot, Belleroche, Poche 1,5 L Domaine du Paul Sapin


Merlot Belleroche, Domaine du Paul Sapin is very good intensity wine with delicate and fresh taste. Confortable packaging. A real wine of pleasure…

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Merlot Belleroche, Domaine du Paul Sapin has a brilliant color,  intensive aroma with notes of flowers. This wine of superior quality, with mineral nuances, but the fragrance of ripe fruits is dominant. Very good intensity with delicate and fresh taste for a real wine of pleasure…

Practical and innovative:
– Self-supportive, compact, unbreakable and light
– Similar conservation to a bag-in-box
– Ergonomic tap, easy to use
– Easy to transport with its integrated handgrip
– Practical to refrigerate (holds in the bottle compartment of a refrigerator)
– Ideal for outdoor consumption
– Little waste because the packaging automatically retracts when the wine
is consumed
Respectful for environment:
– Weight ten times less than a normal glass bottle of 75 cl
– Serious reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, of water consumption
and of waste of natural ressources compared to all alternative packaging
– Low carbon footprint

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