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Alcohol of Lorraine

🍾 0.7 L45% alc.

Eau de vie Very old reserve Mirabelle de Lorraine


This high quality eau de vie Very Old Mirabelle de Lorraine is remarkably smooth. It is reserved to connoisseurs and delivered in an individual gift box sealed with brown wax.

Michel Grallet Vintage, who planted the first Mirabelle tree in 1895, is a high quality eau de vie with a remarkable softness.

More than 20 years of age.

The 70 cl bottle.

Title in French: Eau de vie Très vielle réserve Mirabelle de Lorraine.
Title in Ukrainian: Тре В’єй Резерв Мірабель де Лоррен.
Тре Вьэй Мірабель де Лоррен / Тре Вьей Резерв Мирабель де Лорен

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