Cognac XO 15 years Maison Prunier

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This cognac X.O. has been aged in red barrels for a minimum of 15 years.

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This PRUNIER X.O. cognac represents the continuity of the family style and evokes the type of cognacs the Company used to sell 100 years ago – balance, rancio, pleasure of tasting.

Amber colour, bright and intense, rich nose,
rancio based essentially on blond tobacco,
leather, nuts and dried fruits with a final
of liquorice wood. Nose very deep and well balanced.
Mouth : first mouth soft, well balanced with
very fine tannins, with a final combining aromas
of toffee, cocoa, chocolate and cinnamon.
The aftertaste is good, based on a fine balance,
leaving a very clean mouth.

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