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🍾 0.5 L40% alc.

Armagnac VSOP Carrement 0,5 L


The youngest of the brandies in this typical Bas-Armagnac blend was aged in oak barrels, in our cellars, for at least 7 years.
A beautiful shade of amber.
A strong prune bouquet with a wealth of concentrated aromas, the suggestion of freshly baked bread and a touch of toast and gingerbread.
Aeration reveals superb aromas of baking bread, rancio and candied fruit.
So smooth and well-rounded on the palate that there is only the flavor of fine oaky vanilla, with no trace of alcohol.
Good length with a hint of macerated stone fruit on the finish.

Title in French: Armagnac VSOP Carrément 0,5 L.
Title in Ukrainian: Арманьяк VSOP Карреман 0,5 л.
Арманьяк Карреман VSOP 0,5 / Арманьяк "Карреман VSOP"

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