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Regions of Frech Wines and Alcohol

Welcome To The Vinolioub!

I have a simple approach: I love good wines, which are inexpensive. I like to look for the treasure of French wine and share them with my family and friends. I like to study wine, vineyards, grapes, watch the wine making process.

I like to communicate with winemakers who love their job and are happy to acquaint everyone with the secrets of his profession. I was born in Burgundy and I have a degree in the field of international wines and alcoholic beverages trade.

For more than 20 years, I am often in Ukraine, and I want as many Ukrainians were able to learn and appreciate the wines with a variety of French vineyards, which combines excellent quality and price. Vinolioub – a company in which the love of winemaking combined with professionalism. My main goal – to Vinolioub in a company treated as buyers of French wine straight from the French wine estates and wine lovers and experts in the field of wine sales – for the French experience and skill.

Sommelier Olivier Duffour, CEO Vinolioub